Details of funding programme for mobile device replacement made available

Published: 30 November 2021

The details of the targeted, large-scale funding programme for the replacement of mobile devices announced by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) and the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) in October have been made public. The call for tenders was published by the International Development and Fund Coordination Agency Co. (IDEFA).

The NMHH as the initiator of the funding programme also made the call for tenders and the programme guide available for the general public on its website, which gives a precise description of who is eligible for the funding, under what conditions and in what amount. In addition, the documents needed to claim the mobile device replacement funding (such as proof of identity and address) are detailed there too. It is explained in the tender documents that the funding programme provides an opportunity for the elderly, for people with reduced mobility or minors to claim the support and replace their devices through a representative.

It is important to note that after buying a new device, the old, outdated mobile phone must be returned to the place of purchase after the owner deleted from the device any personal data which was generated during use. Dealers must ensure that the devices are properly disposed of, so that the outdated devices are permanently removed from the market.

In addition to the guide for the general public, the IDEFA published a guide for dealers too, which sets out the terms and conditions for them to participate in the device replacement programme before the registration period begins.

The targeted, large-scale funding programme for mobile device replacement was launched by the infocommunications authority because market expectations and service providers' statements suggest that 3G technology will be phased out in Hungary between 2022 and the first half of 2023. Some Hungarian service providers have already reduced the size of the area where 3G is provided. The NMHH cooperates with the ITM and the IDEFA in the implementation of the funding programme for mobile device replacement.

Since spring 2021, the NMHH has been carrying out intensive educational communication through the “Netre fel!” programme, which aims to equip consumers with the right knowledge and information to make informed choices in the digital world. With this initiative, the NMHH aims to promote a generational shift similar to the one that took place when we switched from black and white to colour TVs. The big difference is that this is not just a matter of convenience: in addition to the educational and awareness campaign launched in the spring, the replacement of outdated devices with modern 4G or 5G-enabled devices is also key to ensuring that a very broad section of society can remain part of the digital world enjoying its many benefits and become full digital citizens.

Further details on the funding programme will be continuously published on the authority's website