Two new public administration journals launched with support from NMHH

Published: 12 July 2021

A Hungarian and an international digital journal, this later including works from authors of the Visegrád States, were launched with the support of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH). The aim of both publications is to promote high-quality professional dialogue about public administration.

The journals entitled Közigazgatás Tudomány (KT) and Institutiones Administrationis (IA) will be published twice a year, in June and November. Both scientific periodicals are published by the Széchenyi István University in Győr with the support of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority. The editor-in-chief of the two journals, Dr. András Lapsánszky, is the Authority's Legal Director.

Közigazgatás Tudomány: the scientific forum for public administration in Hungary

Cover page of the Hungarian version of the journal"Our primary goal was, and still is, to create a major forum for public administration, administrative law scholars, academics and key professionals of the “Visegrad countries” as part of a thriving and meaningful collaboration.”, writes Lapsánszky in the editorial.

The national cooperation is indeed widespread: the law faculties of all Hungarian universities and public administration theoreticians of the University of Public Service have joined forces to create the journal entitled KözigazgatásTudomány. Besides lining up authors already recognised in the field, the journal is committed to providing a publication forum for the new generation of scientists just entering the scientific discourse. Consequently, in addition to academics and professionals, the journal also publishes works by doctoral students, provided they meet the strict requirements set by the journal. All published papers are subjected to double-blind peer-review: which means that two recognised researchers on the subject read the texts before publication without knowing the author's name.

Institutiones Administrationis: on administrative issues in the Visegrád States

Cover page of the English version of the journal called Institutiones AdministrationisThe English-language counterpart of the journal entitled Institutiones Administrationis has a broader scope: its authors come from the four Visegrád countries, i.e. besides Hungarian, it publishes academic papers by prominent Czech, Slovak and Polish authors too. So it is not a mutation of the Hungarian paper in English, but two related journals with different content were founded at the same time. András Lapsánszky and Gábor Hulkó, associate professor at Széchenyi University are the editors-in-chief of IA. The publication, which operates under similar editorial principles to the Hungarian journal, will provide a forum for scholars and professionals working in the public administration fields of the four countries to present the results of their already flourishing cooperation in an international platform, but with a specific Central European perspective on the latest developments in the field.

Both periodicals contain peer-reviewed, first-publication articles with the aim of providing a forum for high-quality professional debate on the challenges of public administration. KözigazgatásTudomány is available at, while Institutiones Administrationis can be found at Although the websites are still under construction, the first issues are already available at both addresses. The websites will be finalised by the time the second issues are published in November.

NMHH has a long-standing commitment to supporting the science that underpins its operations. In addition to the electronic communications and media labs donated to the universities and educational institutions, the Institute of Media Sciences of the NMHH Media Council also provides scholarships for papers on media law written for the National Scientific Student Conference, and the authority regularly offers scholarships for future communication professionals too. Supporting the public administration journals is a further step in this process, which aims at strengthening the academic dialogue on the renewal of public administration in line with the work of the NMHH.