This year again community radio and TV channels can apply for funding for technical development

Published: 7 July 2021

This year the tender for technical developments has been announced for community television and radio stations with a budget of hundred and twenty million forints by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH). First round applications may be submitted until 5 August, decided the body at this week’s meeting. The Council will contribute to the operating costs of eleven television and radio stations. In addition, it finalised a frequency tender for Kalocsa and for Dunaföldvár too.

As part of its funding programme, the Media Council decided to announce the three-round tender (Funding technical development) which aims at providing support for the technical development of community radio and television stations. In 2021 the budget of HUF 120 million will allow for a maximum funding of 10% higher than last year: HUF 5.5 million for televisions, HUF 3.3 million for radios, HUF 1.1 million for small community radios. The granted amount may not exceed 80% of the planned total cost of the development. The deadline for submissions in the first round is 5 August, tenders may be submitted between 31 August and 30 September for the second round and between 19 October and 18 November for the third round.

In the fourth round of the tender for community media service providers, the Media Council has decided to provide a funding of more than HUF 53.6 million for eleven applicants to support their running and operational costs. The following televisions submitted successful tenders: Körzeti Televízió in Eszergom, Régió TV Esztergom, Rábaközi Televízió in Csorna, WTV in Vecsés, DSTV Dunaújváros Televízió, Tótvázsony TV, Kecel Városi Televízió, BKTV in Budakeszi, and City TV in Budapest. From the radio stations, Győri Plusz Rádió and Halas Rádió are awarded non-refundable grants.

Radio tenders and decisions of the Media Council

The Media Council finalised the tender notices for the use of the Kalocsa 94.5 MHz and Dunaföldvár 104.1 MHz local community use frequencies for which offers may be submitted on 29 September. The council has approved the draft calls for tender for the regional frequency of Szeged 87.9 MHz and the local frequency of Szolnok 102.4 MHz. The documents related to the commercial use of the frequencies will be available from 8 July on the NMHH website. One offer was submitted for the tender notice for the small-community radio media service opportunity at the Budapest – Astoria (downtown) reference assignment. The Council performed the formal review and called on Media Universalis Alapítvány submitting the tender to provide additional information.

The Council also warned the service provider of Miskolc Televízió for irregular product placement, since the channel showed the products, benefits of a company distributing dietary food supplements and the services of a beauty salon related to it in excessive detail in a February broadcast of the programme called Egészsgépercek.

The Media Council always assesses the type and level of legal consequence based on a gradual approach and the principle of proportionality by taking all the circumstances of each case into account.