Service provider of RTL Klub sanctioned by a penalty for incorrect age-rating

Published: 10 June 2021

At its last meeting, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) imposed a penalty of HUF 12 million on the service provider of RTL Klub for inappropriate age-rating. The body performed the formal review of two local frequency tenders and approved the draft of the tender notices for three rural radio frequencies.

Based on a complaint, the Council examined the service provider of RTL Klub and sanctioned it with a penalty of HUF 12 million for rating a March episode of the programme entitled Apatigris and its rebroadcast as “Not recommended under the age of twelve” instead of “Not recommended under the age of sixteen”, and instead of between 9:00 pm and 5:00 am broadcast it from 7:00 pm and in the early afternoon too. The examined episode showed harmful patterns of behaviour – the possibility of earning easy money in a morally questionable way – which could have a negative impact on the personal development of young viewers between the age of 12 and 16, which is contrary to child protection rules. In accordance with the Media Act the age-rating of television and radio programmes is the responsibility of the media service providers themselves. The Media Council always assesses the type and level of legal consequence based on a gradual approach and the principle of proportionality by taking all the circumstances of each case into account.

The Media Council conducted the formal review of the submitted tenders for the use of Salgótarján 104.3 MHz and Szekszárd 92.2 MHz frequencies and in both cases it registered Karc FM Média Kft as the sole tenderer. The Media Council published these frequencies as local and for community use.

The Media Council approved the draft tender notices for the frequencies of 94.5 MHz in Kalocsa, 104.1 MHz in Dunaföldvár and 101.8 MHz in Tapolca offered for local and community use. At the request of the service provider, the Council approved of Mária Rádió Frekvencia Kft. to commence broadcasting at a later time than defined originally but until no later than 17 September at the Zalaegerszeg 104.4 MHz frequency.

The full agenda of the weekly meetings of the Media Council is available on the council’s website together with the minutes of the sessions and all the resolutions – the latest documents are published after the necessary certification and administration processes.