Media Council approved draft of two rural frequency tenders

Published: 6 May 2021

The body approved the draft of two rural frequency tenders and performed the formal review of the submitted tenders for the Szolnok and Veszprém tender notices. The Media Council levied penalties for broadcasting film recommendations with incorrect age-rating for television.

The Media Council approved the draft tender notice for the community use of the local frequencies 91.7 MHz in Kiskőrös, and 96,1 MHz in Székesfehérvár. Following the formal review of the submitted tenders for the community use of local frequencies 97.1 MHz in Szolnok and 98.3 MHz in Veszprém, the council registered Karc FM Média Kft. as the sole tenderer in both cases.

The body approved of Radio Plus Kft.’s media service licence for 89.5 MHz in Budapest to be connected to several rural radio frequency licences, which had earlier been operated connected to Budapest 96.4 MHz licence of the media service provider.

The council levied a penalty of fifty thousand forints on the operator of the Ceglédi Városi Televízió for broadcasting its film recommendation programme in an inappropriate time slot (i.e. not after 10:00 pm) seven times in November. In addition, the service provider failed to indicate an age-rating four times even though the programme included the trailer of A tulajok (The Owners) a film containing scenes categorised as not recommended for audiences under 18. When imposing a legal consequence, the Media Council always assesses the type and level of legal consequence based on a gradual approach and the principle of proportionality by taking all the circumstances of each case into account.

The full agenda of the weekly meetings of the Media Council is available on the council’s website together with the minutes of the sessions and all the resolutions – the latest documents are published after the necessary certification and administration processes.