Media Council providing information on cancelling media service provision fees

Published: 15 April 2021

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) notified the National Association of Local Radios (Helyi Rádiók Országos Egyesülete, HEROE) about the fact that, thanks to a new government decree, service providers are exempted from paying media service provision fees for the first half of this year, while it has also terminated the procedures opened at the request of two providers to that end, since this way they have become devoid of purpose. At its meeting this week, the body warned a television in Százhalombatta of surreptitious advertising.

The National Association of Local Radios (HEROE) filed a submission, while Retro Rádió and Sláger FM from Budapest submitted a request to NMHH for the cancellation of media service provision fees for the second quarter of the year.

In light of the decisions it made at this week’s meeting, the Media Council informed HEROE about the fact that as a result of the government decree effective as of 9 April affected providers are exempted from paying media service provision fees for the first and second quarter of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the procedures of the applicants were therefore closed.

Besides, the council will act reasonably, flexibly and in consideration of the circumstances when it reviews programme quota obligations.

The operator of Halom Televízió Százhalombatta was warned by the council for surreptitious advertising for potentially encouraging viewers to buy the products of a shop selling medical appliances and devices by presenting the shop in detail in an episode of Híradó [The News] in January.

The operator of 101.7 Pécs FM operating as a district commercial radio was warned by the Media Council based on the review of one week’s broadcast in January for broadcasting more music and less discussions, programmes on local public affairs, topics of local everyday life and public service programmes contrary to its contractual obligation.