The infocommunications authority has begun preparations for a free data erasure application

Published: 26 February 2021

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) will provide the technical background to the application that makes the permanent inaccessability of data possible.

In accordance with the draft government decree on the free national data erasure application, NMHH is currently working on the availability of a user-friendly and secure programme that meets the parameters set out in the legislation by 1 May, which will allow the permanent erasure of personal data from a portal available on the NMHH website by downloading and using an erasure software that can be activated with a unique code sent by e-mail. After the erasure, the consumer will receive an official erasure confirmation by e-mail as required by the government decree.

NMHH is also required by law to provide guidance on the use of the application and to produce and record labels containing the codes required for erasure, which the purchaser will receive from the trader when purchasing the medium. The infocommunications authority will deliver the labels to the capital’s government office, creating an opportunity for them to reach traders through the district offices.

The European Union’s data protection regulation stipulates the right to erase personal data, which is facilitated by the service planned by the government decree. The development of the application has been started by NMHH as a technical contributor, it will inform the consumers about the details of the implementation in time.