Long-needed space telecommunications professional literature from the experts of NMHH

Published: 15 December 2020

No comprehensive Hungarian space telecommunications professional literature has been published since the seventies, therefore the recently published volume containing the works of sixteen experts of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) in the authority’s series of technical books fills a decades-long gap. The title of the book is: Ég és Föld közötti kapcsolatok – Az űrtávközlés története, elmélete és gyakorlata (Connections between Earth and Sky – The history, theory and practice of space telecommunications).

We are currently in the midst of a paradigm shift: it has recently become practically everyday news to hear that hundreds of satellites are being launched day after day and the rate of this progress will accelerate in the future as well, as the techniques that are currently being introduced are based on the integrated systems of satellites instead of the custom solutions used to date. The comprehensive volume published today sets out to assist the preparation for this change. The book provides insights into the history and current trends of space telecommunications, particularly the function of satellite-based radio communications and the basics of spectrum management in relation to the subject. Additionally, it describes the international frequency coordination rules ensuring the coexistence of radio systems as well as the domestic monitoring service activities. Looking into the international legal context of space telecommunications, we can also receive up-to-date information on space warfare and the foreseeable trends of development. Apart from being an indispensable book for professionals dealing with satellite communications, it can also be of interest to those who are looking for details on the regulatory field as well as the operation of systems. The subject could not be better timed as there are currently nearly 2,600 active satellites orbiting the Earth, broadcasting both analogue and digital signals.

All sixteen authors are staff members of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority: Irén Bálint, János Balogh, Dr. István Bartolits, Péter Berecz, Ernő Czuprák, András Csudai, Dr. Diána Daczi, Dr. István Derka PhD, Attila Drilla, Zoltán Farkas, András Jánosik, Zsolt Kárándi, Dr. József Orbán PhD, Dr. László Pados PhD, Dr. Péter Vári PhD and János Verik. Péter Vári, Deputy Director-General of the NMHH – who is also the editor of the volume – said: “it has been our long-pursued dream to finally publish a volume on telecommunications in the series of technical books curated by the NMHH’s Institute of Media Sciences, which previously included a number of prestigious books on topics ranging from the freedom of speech to studies on media history. The subject of space telecommunications was practically self-evident as the authority can boast a number of outstanding and internationally acclaimed experts in this field. Our intent is to share their knowledge and experience with readers. The body of accumulated ideas and the enthusiasm of the authors already point towards a second volume. I hope that all readers interested in the subject of space telecommunications will be just as excited to read the book as the authors were committed to its writing.”

The latest volume in the NMHH’s series of technical books is a new item in the series of books that previously mainly focused on media law-related subjects. “As a result of the developments, the media and telecommunications sector are becoming increasingly interrelated and this convergence has been closely monitored through establishment of the NMHH a decade ago, which is also mirrored in the new volume of the series,” said Levente Nyakas, editor of the series and head of the NMHH’s Institute of Media Sciences. The long-needed volume on the history, theory and practice of space telecommunications can be purchased from the Wolters Kluwer publishing house’s website.