Media Council passes decisions on radio tenders

Published: 10 May 2020

At this week’s session, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) announced the winners of the tender procedures for Kecskemét and Szigetvár radio frequencies. Based on a citizen’s complaint, the Council reviewed a late March broadcast of the programme “Vesztegzár” aired on Klubrádió, yet did not initiate proceedings against the radio’s service provider.

Media supervisory decisions

Based on a citizen’s complaint, the Media Council reviewed a broadcast of Klubrádió’s programme “Vesztegzár”. The Authority established that the programme the listener objected against, which was aired on the 27 March broadcast, was moderated and rectified by the host, who softened and countered all listeners’ comments throughout the programme, therefore Klubrádió did not violate the provisions of the Media Act. Based on this, the Media Council instigated no official proceedings against the media service provider.

The “European Left - Workers' Party of Hungary 2006” objected to the fact that the Hungarian News Agency refused to publish one of their statements on a National Press Service platform.

In the case of the MTI National Press Service, the public media service provider only operates a media platform to publish an organization’s announcement with whom it has a contractual relationship. The contractual relationship is regulated by civil law and as the Media Council has no jurisdiction to examine such issues, it rejected the request.

Radio decisions

The winner of the tender procedures for the community use of radio frequencies for the local coverage area Siklós 88.6 MHz and Szigetvár 98.9 MHz is the sole bidder, Karc FM Média Kft.

The Council approved the draft tender announcements for the community use of the Szeged 100.2 MHz regional and Pápa 92.7 MHz local radio frequencies.

The Media Council has consented to the amendment of the broadcasting plan undertakings, partly deviating from the request of the media service provider, of Budapest 98.6 MHz – Manna FM and thus the radio will broadcast fewer public service broadcasts or that dealing with local community life and programmes assisting local day-to-day life, while observing the statutory provisions.

The board has requested additional information from Radio Plus Kft. as part of the substantive review in the tendering procedure of the Miskolc 96.3 MHz regional commercial radio frequency.