Bing the supervisory body, the NMHH takes into account the current extraordinary circumstances

Published: 3 April 2020

The Fundamental Law of Hungary has conferred upon the Government the authority to issue decrees in the state of danger, which may temporarily suspend the application of existing legislation, depart from the normative provisions, and introduce other extraordinary measures.

However, in the event of a state of danger, all law enforcement agencies, including the NMHH, must endeavour to be flexible in their application of the regulations in proportion to the circumstances of the situation by taking into account the security of citizens and acting in the interest of the public, irrespective of whether there is any new legislation on its supervisory powers specific to the period of emergency. The NMHH is aware of the new challenges currently faced by operators and the fact that this situation requires significantly greater resources to ensure appropriate operational conditions and sound services. As a regulator, the Authority takes this into account and, to the extent possible, will be considerate of these extraordinary circumstances.

However, this cannot result in the suspension of the Authority’s regulatory activities. At the same time, the NMHH will weigh the justification and necessity of the ex officio procedures as much as necessitated by the new circumstances, the market competition and the need to sustain market operation. The same consideration will be applied when setting deadlines for procedural actions and in deciding on applications for extension.

The NMHH welcomes the actions that, in the midst of the challenges presented by the state of danger, operators take in an effort to alleviate the impacts of these radically different circumstances. The Authority continues to count on the constructive cooperation between market players and the NMHH.