Permits for communications structures: verification of ownership will be free of charge after 8 August

Published: 6 August 2019

To the attention of developers and designers: after 8 August, applicants for permits of electronic communications structures will not be required to pay the fee of the certified copies of title deeds (HUF 3,600), as the National Media and lnfocommunications Authority of Hungary (NMHH) will be able to retrieve title deeds free of charge from the online land information service called “TakarNet”, as laid down by NMHH Decree No. 5/2019 (VII. 31.).

The latest legislation of the Authority amends Section 3 of NMHH Decree 14/2013 (IX. 25.) on the Setting of Electronic Communications Structures and the Related Administrative Procedures with regard to the use of the above-mentioned digital land register.

This legislative provision, together with Section 30(1)(a) of Act LXXXV of 1996 on the administrative service fee for a certified copy of a title deed, now allows NMHH to retrieve title deeds for permitting communications structures free of charge, thus, after the date of entry into force of the Decree, i.e. after 8 August 2019, applicants will no longer be required to pay the fee of a certified copy.

The amending Decree is available at the following link (in Hungarian):