Online version of the Media Council’s Patronage 2018 catalogue now available

Published: 4 July 2018

This is the 4th year when the Media Council presents, first to the professional audiences at the Quota Forum, its Hungarian/English bilingual publication, Patronage 2018, providing an overview of works supported under the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme in the past seven years. This year’s almost 400-page publication features 1,057 works, now available to browse online.

As in previous years, Patronage 2018 includes names of the filmmakers, length of works, names and contact details of production companies, dates of and channels for TV premieres, festival appearances, awards won, grants received under the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme as well as the year and type of tenders.

Since there is much more information (images, trailers, festival appearances) available about the majority of the works than what can fit into the publication due to its limitations in terms of length, each work has a QR code to enable those interested to get additional insight into the films through the Media Council’s Tender Mirror website

The NMHH Media Council’s aim with this publication is to promote festival appearances and sales of the films supported under the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme, both in Hungary and on international scene. The Media Council will send the publication to the heads of national and local media service providers, organisers of major Hungarian and international festivals and Hungarian cultural institutions abroad, among others. The Council will also inform public figures and decision-makers in Hungary in order to draw their attention to Hungarian contemporary cinematographic and audio works.

It is worth browsing through the featured works as the television films, animated films and series, experimental and short films, popular science films, documentaries, online on-demand content, historical documentaries and audio plays produced in the first 7 years of the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme have garnered acclaim at nearly 1,300 Hungarian and international festivals and won over 300 awards.