NMHH Media Council: The tender for radio news and infotainment programmes launched with a total budget of HUF 300 million

Published: 1 March 2018

At its weekly session, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority decided to issue an invitation to tender for the production of news and infotainment programmes for local and regional radio stations with a total budget of HUF 300 million under the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme. The Council also adopted decisions concerning the extension of a number of local radio licences and the registration of a bid.

At its weekly session, the Media Council issued an invitation to tender for grants in support of the production of news and public-service or thematic magazine programmes for local and regional radios with a total budget of HUF 300 million (HUF 75 million in each round). Administered under the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme, this tender aims to provide grants in four consecutive quarters in support of regular public-service programmes airing on the same day(s) each week. The content of such programmes must be adapted to reflect the events in the coverage area of the specific media services and the information needs of the public. Local and regional radios that actually provide their media services at least three months a year are eligible to tender. The submission deadline for the first round of the tender process is 12 a.m., 29 March, and the Media Council will announce the results by 15 May.

The Council imposed a HUF 10,000 fine on Mosoly Média Kft., the media service provider of Rádió Smile, a small-community radio in Kiskunfélegyháza, as an official audit of a broadcast week in November last year has shown that the provider failed to meet its commitments and the relevant statutory provisions with regard to the shares of text and news programmes as well as the shares applicable to reruns and public-service content.

Three local radio stations stay on air

At the request of media service provider Hold Rádiós és Televíziós Reklám Kft., the Media Council extended the licence of 103.8 Rádió 1, broadcasting on the frequency Székesfehérvár 103.8 MHz locally, for another five years, until June 2023. The Council also accepted the request submitted by Rádió Zala Egyszemélyes Kft. so Helikon Rádió Egerszeg will continue to broadcast on the frequency Zalaegerszeg 95.8 MHz. Another local frequency in Zalaegerszeg, 95.1 MHz, will see no change either: at the request of Zalaegerszegi Televízió és Rádió Kft., the Council also extended the licence of 95.1 Rádió 1.

The Council will conclude a temporary public contract with an individual, Péter Béla Simon, on a commercial basis for the period between 27th March and 25th April, for the use of local radio frequency Veszprém 95.1 MHz. This frequency was used by Mária Rádió Völgyhíd until 26 March, but the media service provider’s public contract could not be renewed by the Council due to a legislative obstacle. The frequency will be used to broadcast Christian programmes under the name Mária Rádió Vigasztaló.

The Council concluded the formal examination of the bid submitted for the opportunity to provide local radio media services on frequency Tokaj 101.8 MHz and, after remedying the deficiencies, registered the only bidder, Hegyalja Média Kft.