Free network unlocking for mobiles upon the expiry of the loyalty period or the payment of the device

Published: 24 October 2017

As of 24 October, mobile service providers must carry out the network unlocking of devices free of charge which were sold at a discounted price with fixed term contracts—i.e. loyalty periods—and which have expired subscriber agreements.

The network unlocking becomes free of charge at an earlier date if, during the number portability process, the subscriber pays the price of the device during the time of the agreement, or loyalty period. The details of the regulation—in accordance with the amendment of 15 June of the Act on Electronic Communications—are registered in the amendment of the decree on the detailed rules on number portability. This allows consumers to enjoy the previously paid service free of charge and in contrast to previous practices, to choose service providers more freely.

The new regulation implemented by NMHH established more favorable conditions for users. It establishes the identifier management conditions for automatic in-vehicle emergency calls and through the possibility of the preliminary testing of the services of mobile service providers, it allows consumers of telecommunication services to enjoy more reliable and thoroughly tested services. Additionally, the cost of the change of service providers is reduced by making the network unlocking of phones free of charge, thus promoting equal opportunities in the access to infocommunications services and content.