Media Council adopts radio-related decisions at recent session

Published: 5 October 2017

At its weekly session, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) passed rulings in the matter of five radio tenders, in relation to formal examinations in two cases and content-related issues in three cases. The Authority also approved a request to be connected to a network.

Due to its formal invalidity, the Media Council rejected the bid submitted by the sole bidder, Hegyalja Média Kft., in the tender procedure for the Tokaj 101.8 MHz local community radio frequency. Subsequent to the rectification of deficiencies, the council registered the bid of P1 Rádió Kft. in the tender procedure of the Pécs 101.7 MHz regional commercial radio frequency after the court dismissed the requests for review of Regionális Rádió Kft. and Pécs Rádió Kft. due to the rejection of their bids.

The Media Council has requested additional information in the tender procedure of three local commercial radio frequencies: from Crossborder Film Kft. in the procedure of the Dunaújváros 93.1 MHz frequency, from dtm Media Hungary Kft. in the procedure of the Nagykanizsa 95.6 MHz frequency and from LB Rádió Kft. in the procedure of the Veszprém 90.6 local commercial radio frequency. In the case of the latter two tender procedures, the court dismissed the requests for review of Helikon Rádió Kft. and Regionális Rádió Kft. over the way the council previously rejected their bids due to their formal invalidity.

At the joint request of Vasi Friss Kft. and Radio Plus Kft., as of 15 October, the Media Council has authorized the Szombathely 97.7 MHz and the Budapest 96.4 MHz radio service providing right to be connected into a network; Friss Rádió will continue broadcasting from mid-month under the name of 97.7 Rádió 1.