The latest NMHH publication: Tips and advice for everyday digital life

Published: 9 January 2018

The Authority prepared a new publication for consumers of digital content, available online as well, which lists the cases in which one can contact the NMHH. It presents cases in ten subjects of seven different fields in which individuals can receive fast and effective assistance from the organization, reinforcing the conscious attitude of viewers in the fields of communications and media.

Most people encounter the name of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority when some objectionable content was aired on the television or radio and the Authority initiated proceedings or introduced some form of sanctions. The name of the Authority also comes up in the news in relation to the sale of some radio or television frequency or when a telecommunications service provider behaved unlawfully with the consumers and was fined.

However, the NMHH has a number of other wide-ranging tasks and the publication enumerates all the activities which can be directly encountered by consumers. Readers can access useful information in ten subjects in the fields of television, radio, telephone, internet, press, post and film:

  • how and in what cases can the Authority be contacted with consumer complaints;
  • what is there to know about the fine print of television or internet subscriptions and how to choose the right one;
  • what are the latest roaming regulations;
  • why is it worth using the Authority’s internet speed measurement page;
  • how to avoid interference resulting from the operation of electrical devices;
  • how to become a radio amateur or launch a newspaper;
  • how to request free electrosmog measurement;
  • what databases and registers can be browsed on the NMHH website;
  • how to protect your child in the digital space;
  • and last, but not least, you can study our consumer knowledge base for digital advice and to make sense of up-and-coming trends.

You can flip through our publication here or even download it, yet it’s also available in printed form at our events and through our distribution points.

We prepared this booklet with the intention of providing fast and reliable guidance for anyone who wishes to find their way through the everyday digital life while using telephones, the internet, postal services, reading newspapers, watching films and listening to the radio. In short, for everyone.