NMHH – Introduction Brochure (PDF)

Last updated: 18 December 2020

The activities of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority are diverse, while the work of the organisation as a whole is driven by the objective of ensuring that in the Hungarian communications and media market, users and service providers are both satisfied.

The first three chapters of this publication explain how this objective is achieved through the Authority’s activities in communications, media and postal surveillance. The overview of frequency management provides an insight into the management of Hungarian frequency assets, the description of regulations explains specific task types in detail, and the presentation of databases and registers illustrates the comprehensive and complex operations of the infocommunications sector. Work to promote consumer awareness is an important mission of the NMHH and is discussed in a separate chapter, as is the Media Council’s Hungarian Media Patronage Programme, which is a funding scheme for filmmakers working in Hungarian television, as well as for local and community media providers. Finally, an account is given on the Authority’s role at an international level, which is of utmost importance as NMHH professionals represent the interests of Hungary as a whole.

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