Endre Kovács is the First Public Servant to Win the Project Manager of the Year Award

Published: 4 November 2014

In parallel with the International Project Management Day, the 11th Hungarian “Project Manager of the Year Award” was presented in Budapest on 4 November by Projektmenedzsment Kiválóság Tábla (Association for Project Management Excellence), a Hungarian NGO committed to the development of Hungarian project management culture. Awarded for his outstanding performance in the National Digital Switch-over Project, Endre Kovács, Head of the Project Coordination Department of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH), is the first public servant to receive this prestigious title.

The success of the National Digital Switch-over Project proves that NMHH’s organisational form is suitable for overseeing such a grand and complex project that requires smooth cooperation of a great number of experts and organisations, and use this experience to reinforce NMHH’s internal processes. The award also indicates that one of NMHH’s top priorities for the continued development of the infocommunications and media sectors is to involve highly qualified and skilled professionals in public and business projects and put their high-level project management expertise to the test.

Kovács Endre

Hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and sponsored by the Ministry for National Economy, the award presentation event featured Deputy State Secretary for Internal Economy Áron Márk Lenner, who welcomed this initiative, as a result of which each year an excellent project manager is recognized for their skills and achievements. The Project Manager of the Year Award is designed to acknowledge one project manager each year and through them highlight the importance of project management know-how and skills as well as the achievements of high-profile projects.

Projektmenedzsment Kiválóság Tábla

Members and founders of this panel include NGOs committed to the project management profession and determined to use this award to contribute to the development of Hungarian project management culture. The panel is composed of representatives of the following project management organisations: Magyar Projektmenedzsment Szövetség (PMSZ, Hungarian Project Management Association), PMI Budapest, Hungarian Chapter (PMI Budapest), Fővállalkozók Magyarországi Szövetsége (FŐVOSZ, Hungarian Association of Contractors), HTE Projektmenedzsment Szakosztály (TIPIK, Scientific Association for Infocommunications Hungary, Project Management Division), Informatikai Vállalkozások Szövetsége (IVSZ, Association of Hungarian Informatics), Projekt Menedzsment Mesterség Kitűnőségéért Alapítvány (IPMACERT, Foundation for the Excellence of the Project Management Profession), Építéstudományi Egyesület (ÉTE, Construction Science’s Association).