NMHH announces the outcome of the 450 MHz spectrum tender

Published: 14 March 2014

MVM NET Zrt. has won the National Media and Infocommunications Authority’s (NMHH) 450 MHz spectrum tender. The winner now has up to eight months to deliver the first phase of the network. The use of the frequency band will boost the speed and efficiency of stand-by and emergency service communications and the deployment of urban traffic information systems.

On account of their social significance and widespread application, digital public services occupy a key position in the infocommunications market. More and more administrative, educational and healthcare services are being created on online networks, and a nationwide radio frequency network will enable quick connection to them.

In order to develop digital public services, the NMHH announced a tender on 6 December 2013 for the unused free blocks of the 450 MHz frequency band. The tender documentation set a minimum tender price of HUF 150 million for the frequency block.

MVM NET Zrt. was announced the winner of the tender on 12 March 2014, and has an obligation to build and operate the data transmission infrastructure. MVM NET Zrt. has eight months to implement the required data transmission capacity alongside single-digit roads and in nine large towns across Hungary, and 20 months to provide 95 percent coverage nationwide.

The frequency band will enable the integration of district offices and small community government windows into the national digital network.