Published: 12 April 2013

With deep sorrow, we announce that Annamária Szalai, President of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority and of the Media Council of Hungary passed away after a long lasting illness worn with dignity.

She was appointed President of the Authority by the Prime Minister of Hungary on August 11th 2010, the same year she was nominated as President of the Media Council of Hungary as well.

Born on September 16th 1961 in Zalaegerszeg, in the Western part of Hungary, Ms Szalai first graduated with a diploma in teaching in 1982 completed with diplomas in popular education (1990) and in economics (1998).

Between 1998-2004 she was an elected member of the Hungarian Parliament, where she assisted the work of the Committees for Foreign Affairs, Culture and Media, National Security, Information and Communication Technologies and NGOs.

In spring 2004 she restored her MP mandate due to her appointment as a member of the National Radio and Television Commission. This position was held by her until the inauguration of the new convergent national regulatory authority in 2010.

Her memory will be preserved.