Information on the operation of the NMHH Data Gateway

Last updated: 21 February 2024

The electronic administration interface of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) is the ‘NMHH Data Gateway‘ or the ‘Data Gateway’ (‘Adatkapu’ in Hungarian) in short. The Data Gateway is a web interface accessible from a web browser, which requires no other application to be installed.

This service is only available to users registered in the system. The service registered at the NMHH will not automatically be included in the Data Gateway, its registration requirement must be indicated separately. Access to the system requires a login to the Hungarian government’s Citizen Portal (Ügyfélkapu) to ensure highly secure management of the relevant data.

After registration, each representative receives a virtual storage, where only electronic forms linked to and accessible from their own profile are listed. Forms are filled and stored also in the storage so you do not have to maintain your own infrastructure to access the service.

If you fulfil your data supply obligation via the Data Gateway system, depending on the proceeding, the full administration can be done electronically, i.e. the decisions from NMHH and any notices to submit missing documents will be sent to the Citizen Portal storage of the registered representative(s). The relevant person will receive such notification via email from the government-operated Citizen Portal system. Receiving a document on the storage is only possible after successful authentication in the Citizen Portal system. In each case, the system sends an electronic notification to the representatives concerned about the changes in the system and the due date of the data supply. In the case of a preliminary and subsequent building report, only the initiation of the registration and the submission of the necessary documentation is done electronically.

The use of the NMHH Data Gateway does not affect the conditions of the data supply or reporting requirement (e.g. frequency), only offers an electronic submission option.

The Data Gateway has a two-tier permission system. It means that the person initiating registration (registrant) assigns admin rights to one or more representatives, who then can create additional form completing users in the system and also specify as to which users can view and complete which forms.

Data Gateway users can be divided into two groups:

  • Registrant: the subject of subsequent transactions (data provider, designer, builder, frequency licensee).
  • Representative: a natural person entrusted by the registrant who manages the Data Gateway on behalf of the registrant. A single registrant may designate more than one representative by using the data sheets multiple times.


Registration is done by filling in forms or either by hand or via a computer depending on the purpose, and by submitting the completed, officially signed forms. If a registrant wishes to use the Data Gateway for multiple purposes, they need to register for each purpose separately as follows:


    • The purpose of the registration is to use the simplified frequency licensing system,
      • the first step is to register with the representative’s assignment and statement data sheets as described in the section above. Those already registered in the Data Gateway do not need to register again; only the data for the “Licensee” need to be identifiable with the previously reported data. 
      • next (even at the same time with step 1), the business already registered in the Data Gateway can register as the licensee on the data sheet “Data Gateway FMS user registration” (Adatkapu FMS felhasználói regisztráció).


    • The purpose of the registration is the preliminary or subsequent permit or report relevant to the construction or demolition of a building within the competence of the NMHH,

Data modification

The registrant (licensee) shall report any change in the data specified during registration by completing and submitting to the NMHH the forms used for registration within 15 days from the date of the change.


Cancellation of registration needs to be communicated as registration, by mail with an authorized signature or on the data sheet (not by e-mail!). The NMHH can only accept the submission if the data required for the cancellation are clearly indicated.

Validation of registration, data modification and cancellation

The paper-based data sheets initiating registration and data modification, as well as a data sheet and letter requesting cancellation shall be

  • sent to the mailing address of the NMHH at 1525 Budapest, Pf. 75, or
  • delivered in person to the NMHH customer service points.