Information material on sending the new or amended GTCs of electronic communications providers via the NMHH Data Gateway

Last updated: 20 April 2023

The rules on the preparation and publication of General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: the GTC) and their sending to the Authority are laid down in NMHH Decree No. 22/2020. (XII.21.) on the detailed rules for electronic communications subscriber contracts (hereinafter: the Decree on Subscriber Contracts).

The service provider shall publish the GTC at its customer service centre and on its website in an easily accessible way, on the home page, in a downloadable, storable, displayable and printable form, free of charge, with searchability in the text.

The service provider shall publish the GTC for the first time at the same time as the commencement of the service and – except for amendments pursuant to Section 132(4) of the Act C of 2003 on Electronic Communications (hereinafter: the Electronic Communications Act) – in the case of all amendments, in a consolidated form 30 days before the amendment enters into force, shall notify the Authority of the amendment simultaneously with the publication and shall send the amendment to the Authority. In the case of amendments to the GTC, the changes must be attached in an electronic document in extract form when the amendment is sent to the Authority.

If the service provider amends the GTC due to the introduction of or change in a new service or conditions which do not affect the subscriber contracts already concluded, it shall publish the amended GTC in a consolidated form at the latest when the amendment enters into force and shall send them to the Authority within 8 days of the date of entry into force.

Information material for service providers

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (hereinafter: the NMHH) enables the submission of the GTC set out in Section 10(2) of NMHH Decree No. 22/2020. (XII.21.) on the detailed rules of electronic communications subscriber contracts to the NMHH via its electronic administration infrastructure. This infrastructure is the “NMHH Data Gateway”.

The NMHH Data Gateway is a web-based interface that does not require any other application to be installed.

The service is only available to service providers registered in the system. If the service provider is already a registered service provider with the Authority, this does not automatically mean that the service provider is registered in the NMHH Data Gateway system, the need for registration must be indicated separately.

In order to ensure a high level of security for the data concerned, access to the system is only possible via the Client Gate.

If the Client Gate is used, the individual who sends the provided data to the Authority or who manages the electronic administration on behalf of a client must register for the Client Gate.

After registration, each service provider will be given a virtual storage where only electronic forms which are related to their profile and are available will appear. Forms are also filled in and stored in the storage, so the client does not need to maintain its own infrastructure to run the service.

With the implementation of the virtual storage, the history of the user's data communication and the working copies of the electronic forms created during the data communication are continuously available to the user. On subsequent access, the user can view the forms (including the working copy versions) that have been filled in the past.

In all cases, the system automatically sends electronic notifications to the service providers concerned about changes in the system and the due date for data provision. The data is provided by completing the relevant electronic form, attaching the required documents and submitting the form to the Authority.

The user will receive an official electronic receipt identifier of the performance of the data provision immediately after submission, which is an official acknowledgement that the submission has been received by the Authority.

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