NMHH gave a 5G testing laboratory to the Miskolc University online

Published: 24 September 2020

The National Media and Infocommunications Authority’s infocommunications laboratory established at the Miskolc University will facilitate the modeling and examination of next-generation networks. In order to eliminate the risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the inauguration of the laboratory was streamed online on 24 September. Monika Karas explained that the operation of 5G networks will require an increasing number of competent experts and it is a national interest that these experts begin their careers with up-to-date knowledge.


The Miskolc infocommunications lab

Thanks to the high-performance computers and network-measurement equipment donated by the NMHH, the university’s pool of equipment can provide future 5G experts with practical knowledge. Not only does this serve the interests of the sector, it is also a key issue for the country’s future, said President of the NMHH Monika Karas about the new laboratory. “The operation of the imminent 5G technology will require an increasing number of experts who are dedicated to their field of expertise and equipped with up-to-date knowledge. For this reason, it is particularly good news that those who are interested in this subject have to look no further than Miskolc,” she added. The President of the NMHH believes that the laboratory could be a new means of expounding on the legendary creativity of Hungarians. “I am presenting this laboratory with the hope that it will serve as the driving force of talent and the future as there will be those who will ponder over a measurement or line of data just as Robert Capa was poring over his newly developed photographs or Michael Curtiz over the reel of Casablanca. I ask you all to have such lofty ambitions when taking possession of the laboratory’s equipment, be talented and Hungarian in the very best sense - although the runway and the fuel are owned by the NMHH and the university, it’s up to you to lift off and fly,” said the President in conclusion to her speech.

The Rector of the University of Miskolc, Zita Horváth also spoke at the online event, stressing the importance of long-term cooperation: “The future of our university is based on great professional ties, therefore we are very pleased that we have the opportunity to open the National Media and Infocommunications Authority’s infocommunications laboratory on the Campus, which is only the first step in this cooperation. I believe that the high-quality laboratory will be great help for university students both in terms of education and research.”


The entrance of the Miskolc infocommunications lab

The NMHH has been supporting the infrastructure development of universities since 2012. After donating eleven university media workshops to institutions with communications programmes, last year, the Authority also opened infocommunications laboratories at the Széchenyi István University in Győr, the Puskás Tivadar Infocommunications Technical School and College in Budapest and the Kálmán Kandó Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Óbuda University. In all cases, the NMHH assesses the university’s profile, needs and requirements and adapts its developments accordingly.