2020 annual work programme of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority

Published: 28 February 2020


In compliance with its statutory obligation, the National Media and Communications Authority (hereinafter "the Authority") publishes on its website, by the end of February each year, its annual work programme, which shall include prominent tasks of the year.

Before presenting our 2020 tasks, we briefly present the achievements the Authority has accomplished in 2019.

In the field of promotion of competition, we actively contributed to the implementation of the new European Electronic Communications Code (EECC), launched an auction procedure for 5G spectrum licenses, and in April 2019 published our mobile market report in a renewed format.

Due to the expiration of the previous contract, on the 18th September 2019 the Authority signed a new Authority Contract with Antenna Hungária Zrt. on the operating rights of the national terrestrial digital television broadcasting network.

As part of the media management system’s development, we have contributed to the implementation of the new Directive on European Audiovisual Media Services.

In 2019 there was much emphasis at the Authority on the enforcement of subscribers’ and users’ interests. We examined subscriber contracts with a particular focus on the provision of statutory information and declarations, and the availability of contractual content to subscribers. We have begun to make our customer services physically accessible.

The construction work of the Magic Valley Media Literacy Education Centre in Sopron proceeded on schedule in 2019, making the 2020 opening possible. The purpose of the parental educational programme was to address the parents, raise consciousness on their responsibility concerning children's access to media content and online social activities. Safer Internet Day was part of the afore-mentioned programme, along with PR articles, YouTube short videos and advertisements released as part of the “Awkward” campaign launched earlier that year.

In addition to our special tasks, with a view to improving our internal operation, we have continued our real estate development in Visegrádi Street, Budapest, and the contractor has been selected via a public procurement.

NMHH has finalised the initial e-administration programme in order to define the post-preparation development projects.

In line with previous practice, our 2020 work plan includes those priority tasks that, on the one hand, go beyond our daily general activities and, on the other hand, contribute to the realization of the strategic goals of the Authority.

Accordingly, the structure of the work plan is built around the following strategic objectives:

  • sustainable competition, stimulation of innovation and investment;
  • modernization of media management;
  • promoting the interests of subscribers and users;
  • promoting operational excellence.

Sustainable competition, stimulation of innovation and investment

The stimulation of sustainable competition, and continuous market monitoring are highly important priorities of the Authority.

In 2019, the analysis of the wholesale market for national terrestrial analogue radio broadcasting services began. The draft decision has been published in early 2020. Following notification to the Commission, the final decision is expected in the first quarter of 2020.

Following the renewal of the mobile market report, in 2020 we will also release our fixed market report in a new format.

After the successful procurement process, deployment of the Hír-Közmű 1.0 system will continue, so that the system design and utility design will be completed in 2020.

Launched last year, the collection of data on broadband coverage, end-to-end bandwidth, broadband network nodes and Open Access obligations will be a priority in 2020 as well.

With regard to the altered economic and social environment, the emergence of new technologies, and changes in domestic and international spectrum regulation, the Authority will update its current spectrum strategy for 2016-2020, defining the objectives for the next five-year period and the new key tasks to support them.

In the first half of 2020, NMHH plans to conduct the auction procedure launched last year in the 700 MHz and other MFCN (Mobile / Fixed Communications Network) frequency bands (2100 MHz, 2600 MHz, 3400-3800 MHz).

Modernization of media management

The amendment to the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, which entered into force on the 18th December 2018, imposes obligations on both providers and regulators with regard to video-sharing platform services. NMHH is actively involved in the implementation of the relevant provisions.

Following up on our previous research programmes, we are planning to conduct a new, cross-media market research on changing news consumption patterns of the general public in Hungary.

Promoting the interests of subscribers and users

NMHH promotes users’ interests with a broad spectrum of regulatory tools (universal services, market surveillance) and through other indirect means as well.

The Authority pays special attention to ensure equal access for disabled people to electronic communications and media services. In 2020 we will take further steps to ensure the physical accessibility of our customer service offices, and make the NMHH external website also accessible to all citizens.

As part of our regulatory activity, we will investigate whether financial or data usage restrictions in mobile subscriber contracts apply, and if this is the case, whether these restrictions are in compliance with electronic communication regulations.

We will open our third media literacy training center in Sopron in 2020, where we will be able to reach students from the surrounding counties with our media literacy training sessions. Our parental education programme, in particular our Gyerekaneten.hu website supports parents to assist their children’s online activities. A free parental control software will also be downloadable from the before- mentioned website later this year.

Following on from last year’s preparatory work, this year we will launch a multi-project E-administration Programme, in order to commence developments needed for the basic, compliant e-administration within NMHH.

Promoting operational excellence

To be successful both on national and international level, it is essential to have a sound and efficient institutional system. With this in mind, in 2020 we will commence the actual construction works of a new measuring chamber, several smaller measurement laboratories and a secure data and server center at our Visegrádi Street site in Budapest.

Technological improvements have brought fundamental changes to the data economy. This development could also have a significant impact on market competition, posing new challenges for regulators. To this end, we are exploring opportunities and directions for our data asset management this year.

Overview of the tasks of the 2020 work programme

Stimulating sustainable competition, innovation and investment

1. Dynamic and effective regulations stimulating competition 1.1 Broadcasting market review
1.2 Launching NMHH’s renewed Fixed Market Report
1.3 Developing and launching of the Hír-Közmű 1.0 system
1.4 Online Mapping I. – collecting data online on broadband coverage, end-to-end bandwidth
1.5 Online Mapping II. – collecting data online on broadband network nodes and Open Access obligations
2. Efficient management of scarce resources (radio spectrum, numbering resources) 2.1 Developing an updated radio spectrum management strategy for 2021-2025
2.2 Auctioning 5G spectrum licenses

Modernizing media management

3. Improving the media management system according to EU regulations 3.1 Participating in the implementation of European regulation of video-sharing platforms
4. Analysing changes in content consumption habits, their impact on regulation, and identifying justified measures 4.1 Carrying out research on changes in news consumption habits

Promoting the interests of subscribers and users

5. Enforcing the interests of subscribers and users, especially regarding vulnerable users 5.1 Improving the physical accessibility of NMHH’s customer service offices
5.2 Making NMHH’s website accessible
5.3 Investigating the application of financial or data traffic limits in mobile phone subscriber contracts
5.4 Pursuing the review of the regulation regarding the quality of service offered to subscribers
6. Analysing changes in content consumption habits, their impact on regulation, and identifying justified measures 6.1 Launching a postal information system and a postal market information website
6.2 Laying down the foundations of e-administration
6.3 Opening a new media literacy training center in Sopron
6.4 Parental education programme –launching ‘Gyerekaneten’ website
6.5 Raise consumer awareness among users of electronic communications services

Promoting operational excellence

7. Improving organizational and economic efficiency 7.1 NMHH real estate development in Visegrádi street, Budapest
7.2 Initial proposal on data asset management at NMHH