Average Monthly Cost Indicator (AMCI)

Consumers are somewhat at a loss when trying to find the plan from among a plethora of options of telephone operators that best suits their needs, whether it offers lower per minute rates on calls or larger data traffic. The National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) is now introducing the average monthly cost indicator (AMCI) to help customers find their way through the various landline and mobile tariffs and operators.

The average monthly cost indicator is only for information purposes and is calculated based on average call patters and the key parameters of the tariff packages marketed by operators. Make sure you check with the operators before ordering your telephone service.

If you need a new postpaid tariff package or would like to switch between two plans, please visit tantusz.nmhh.hu for more information on landline and mobile phone tariffs and an overview of bundled package offerings of operators.