Tantusz – helping you decide

The TANTUSZ comparison website helps you navigate the different landline and mobile tariff plans matching your consumer habits and presents the costs of mobile telephone use abroad (roaming) and the combined packages offered by operators (landline telephones, internet and television in one package). If you enter a Hungarian residential address, the website will display the choice of broadband internet access and television services available there.

All you need to do is enter a postcode, town or street for the search. As soon as you start typing in any one of these fields, the intelligent search engine of the application reduces in real time the list of hits matching the information you have entered, making it easier for you to select the precise address.

Once you have specified the address, all the services available at the particular location will be displayed for you. Additional filters specific to the type of technology or subscription allow reducing the number of hits even further so that only the options matching your needs will remain displayed in the screen, making selection easier.