The protection of children online – Internet Hotline

On this website, you can report online content that is unlawful or detrimental to minors. The website also includes useful tips and information on safe Internet use and media consumption awareness.

Cyberbullying is, unfortunately, increasingly prevalent on the world wide web. This generic name refers to a variety of situations in which individuals use the Internet for bullying others; photos, videos and smear campaigns reach a much wider audience and can cause much greater damage when published on the net.

It is important to understand that you need not feel helpless if you witness such a situation but that there are a number of tools at your disposal for seeking remedy:

  1. Request help from the Internet Hotline. The Internet Hotline will take the steps described below for you; these are steps that anyone can take.
  2. If you choose not to report the problem to the Internet Hotline, another course of action is to contact your provider directly and request it to remove the unlawful content. You can address your request to the editor of the website or the social networking or video sharing site.

Click on the link below to access NMHH’s Internet Hotline.