We are exposed to many different forms of environmental radiation, some of which are natural while others are man-made. Of the various forms of electromagnetic radiation, NMHH measures radio frequency radiation.

The magnetic field of the Earth, waves created by lightning and electromagnetic radiation from space all have natural causes, while examples of man-made radiation include radio and television broadcasting as well as mobile phone signals, the fields created by electrical devices such as microwave ovens and the waves produced by car ignition systems. As for the related medical aspects, there is significant concern that electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of cancer. The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies the different environmental impacts in terms of their carcinogenic effects. In respect of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, it classified the use of wireless telephones as the highest risk, falling in the same risk category as the 50 Hz magnetic field created by mains electricity.

NMHH operates three schemes:

  • Measurement Programme at Childcare Institutions
  • Measurement Programme for a Healthy Living Environment
  • Transmitter Measurement Programme

Read more about these schemes here: Electrosmog measurement programmes

You can view the measurement results if you click on the link below: