Radio frequency interference

If you detect unusual interference while using your television, radio or other domestic appliance (examples include discolouration on your computer screen, the malfunctioning of your gate opener device etc.), or your amateur radio equipment, you can report these to the National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

If justified by the reported details, NMHH will visit the location and assess the reason for the problem. Interference may be caused by a broadband amplifier in an antenna base, radio amateur communication, illegal broadcasts, wireless telephones, baby monitors, high-frequency industrial equipment, gas boiler or central heating water temperature switches or thermostats, street lighting luminaires, neon signs, brush motors, or even the power supply of a television or computer, a video or dvd player, and any equipment with a controlled frequency drive.

You can report interference of this kind online too: Radio frequency interference report

The application available via the link below provides further explanation on the sources of interference.