Information on interference reporting and elimination in non-civil procedures

Last updated: 31 January 2023

1. Name of the procedure

Interference reporting and elimination in non-civil procedures

2. Acting body

NMHH Defence and Law Enforcement Frequency Management Directorate (VRFGI/NARFA HU)

Contact information
Address 1133 Budapest, Visegrádi u. 106.
Postal address 1376 Budapest, Pf. 997
Phone (+36-1) 468 0801
Fax (+36-1) 468 0696

Interference reporting

During working hours at VRFGI/NARFA HU.

DayWorking hours
Monday 8:00–16:30
Tuesday 8:00–16:30
Wednesday 8:00–16:30
Thursday 8:00–16:30
Friday 8:00–14:00

Outside working hours and on holidays or on non-working days, interference elimination could be initiated urgently at the National Office for Informatics and Communications (OIHF).

Contact information of the National Office for Informatics and Communications (OIHF)
Postal address 1525 Budapest, Pf. 75.
Phone (+36 1) 356 1193, (+36 1) 356 3330
Mobile (+36 20) 339 1360, (+36 30) 257 3061, (+36 70) 330 0386
Fax (+36 1) 214 0213

3. Competence


4. Competent administrators

Mr. Zsolt KÁRÁNDI Lt Col (+36 1) 468 0804

5. Required documents

Interference report, with attached documents on the effects of the interference, and data storages.

The interference report shall include:

  1. the identity data of the interference notifier,
  2. the operator’s name and location of the victim radio system,
  3. the original registration number of the radio licence of the victim radio system,
  4. the interfering frequency,
  5. the description of the detected interference, including the suspected nature, intensity and impact of the interference on the intended use of the victim radio system, as well as the time, duration, occurrence of the interference, the location of the suspected source and other available information,
  6. available data and data storages providing the interference,
  7. the date of the notification.

If the interference elimination can be requested as a matter of emergency in accordance with Article 30 of 11/2011. (XII. 16.) NMHH Decree, the interference report does not have to contain all the data specified above, it is sufficient to supplement the notification subsequently.

6. Guide

Electronic communications equipment, high-frequency equipment and any equipment which, in operation, generates a high-frequency signal or side effects, and equipment containing electrical or electronic components which are liable to cause or be affected by electromagnetic interference, shall be operated in such a way that it does not interfere with the operation of other electrical or electronic equipment which is otherwise susceptible to interference.

The authority (VRFGI/NARFA HU with the assistance of the NMHH measurement service) carries out interference elimination activities on its own authority or for notification in order to protect non-civil radio communications.

Good to know the followings!

A technical error or improper use of the receiver, or a reception error caused by a natural phenomenon or mechanical means, does not constitute an interference.

Taking into account these criteria, in order to ensure effective, operational interference elimination, before reporting a radio interference, it is necessary for the licensee to check his own radio system’s

  • technical condition,
  • compliance with the rules for the radiocommunication service, and
  • operation whether it complies with the technical requirements and conditions specified in the individual licence.

After checking the own radio system, if the interference persists, the licensee shall notify the problem and initiate the interference elimination via an interference report.

7. Information

To ensure the protection of non-civil radiocommunications, on the basis of the available information, the authority (VRFGI/NARFA HU) initiates instrumental investigation or takes actions to eliminate the interference.

During the investigations (to determine the cause of the interference), NMHH measurement service

  1. checks (by radio measurement) the radiated signal of electrical or electronic equipment capable of causing electromagnetic interference,
  2. may inspect any radio equipment or radio system licensed for non-civil use, together with its accessories, with the exception of the cryptographic device, at the place of radio equipment or radio system, if its interference is probable pursuant to point a),
  3. cooperates with the competent representative of the licensee involved in the interference elimination.

As a result of the interference investigation, the NMHH measurement service takes a report if non-civil equipment and radio station are involved.

According to the interference report, the authority (VRFGI/NARFA HU)

  1. calls on the licensee causing the interference (interferer) to put an end to the interference, or
  2. calls on the notifying licensee (victim) to relocate the interfered radio equipment or to change its accessories and parameters.

The licensee causing the interference (interferer) – in addition to performing the tasks arising from its purpose – shall eliminate the interference, at the request of the authority (VRFGI/NARFA HU), in accordance with the provisions thereof and inform the authority thereof.

The authority (VRFGI/NARFA HU) will inform the notifier (victim) that the interference has been eliminated.

8. Data management, the customer's data protection right

The data and information obtained by radio measurement may only be used in the course of official activities – in compliance with the relevant legislation.

The authority (VRFGI and NMHH measurement service) uses the perceived or recorded information content of radio broadcasts only for the detection and proof of irregularities and infringements related to non-civil frequency management.

9. Legislation in force

  • Act C of 2003 on electronic communications (Eht.)
  • Act CLXXXV of 2010 on media services and mass communication
  • Act CL of 2016 on General Administrative Procedure
  • 2/2017 (I. 17.) NMHH Decree on radio equipment
  • 7/2017 (VII. 28.) NMHH Decree on radio equipment in the field of non-civil frequency management
  • 11/2011 (XII. 16.) NMHH Decree on certain official procedures for non-civil frequency management
  • 12/2011 (XII. 16.) NMHH Decree on the order of non-civil frequency management and on the organizations belonging to the scope of non-civil frequency management