Say No! – international campaign against online child sexual coercion and extortion

Published: 6 October 2017

Under the coordination of the Europol Cybercrime Center, 29 European countries, including Hungary, launched a campaign against online sexual exploitation of children. The short film prepared as part of the ‘Say No!’ campaign raises awareness to the grave consequences of carelessly sharing intimate pictures and videos. On 19 June 2017, the Cybercrime Unit of the National Bureau of Investigation of the Riot Police and the Crime Prevention Unit of the Hungarian Police held a press conference in Budapest about online sexual coercion and extortion.

Link to the press release: Nem vagy egyedül.

Supported by Europol, the campaign aims to ensure that young internet users become more aware and careful when using the internet and pay attention as to what they share with whom, and understand the consequences of carelessly sharing a photo. The two stories of the short film are based on real-life events and depict the typical methods of online sexual crime: perpetrators try to get photos or videos over the internet to extort the typically minor victim for sexual or financial gain. The film is available with Hungarian subtitles:

The police stressed that protecting online identity is key as we can never be sure as to who really is sitting in front of the other computer. They presented six recommendations for youngsters using the internet:

  • Do not share intimate recordings.
  • If they try to extort you, break the connection immediately.
  • Never pay to the extorter.
  • Seek help. You are not alone.
  • Retain the evidence – take screenshots.
  • Report the incident to the police without delay.

Internet Hotline is pleased to answer any question you may have and offers help to those reporting the crime.

Europol provides detailed information about the campaign at