International Association of Internet Hotlines – INHOPE

Last updated: 14 March 2024

INHOPE (International Association of Internet Hotlines) combats illegal online content aimed at the sexual exploitation of children, bringing together hotlines into a global network. Current membership includes 46 hotlines from 42 countries worldwide, for more information, please, visit:

The Internet Hotline have been an active member of the organisation since 2012 which enables us to have paedophile content hosted in Hungary or in other countries removed from the Internet more quickly and easily. If the paedophile content reported to Internet Hotline is hosted on a foreign server, we enter the illegal content into INHOPE’s database, thereby informing the hotline of the relevant country about the content and enabling it to take action. Similarly, INHOPE members can notify us of any paedophile content hosted in Hungary.

INHOPE – Code of Practice