The protection of children online – parental control software

As of 1 July 2014, internet service providers are required to offer free parental control software for anyone interested to download and use it.

The world wide web has become an integral part of children’s life today. Most of them have their own smartphones, tablets, PC’s or notebooks, which they use for surfing, online games and social networking. Over two thirds of Hungarian children between 9 and 16 have their own profiles in at least one social media network. According to surveys, over 80 percent of children have smartphones.

Numerous hazards lurk on the web (pornography, violence, misuse of personal information, cyberbullying etc.), and we can and must protect minors against these. Many parents will have heard about parental control software but barely a tenth of them use it. Its use will spread once it becomes accepted that supervising children is not directed against them but is in their best interests. It helps you protect your child against unsolicited content, the damage caused by excessive computer and internet use, information leaks and other threats.

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