Spectrum management

Since 30 September 2014, the Government’s public administration function pertaining to non-civilian frequency management has been be provided by Office of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority. The body acting in these matters is the Defence and Law Enforcement Frequency Management Department (DLEFMD).

In exercising its responsibilities and powers, DLEFMD:

  1. assesses and evaluates non-civilian frequency use needs in Hungary, Hungarian and international trends and obligations arising out of international regulations; initiates the review of national frequency allocation and spectrum use rules (the National Frequency Allocation Spectrum Use Decree) as required and makes proposals for their amendment;
  2. conducts frequency management assessment on new radio services’ and systems’ ability to be deployed and their interaction; makes proposals for the conditions of their implementation and requirements for their use;
  3. assesses and analyses the Hungarian context of spectrum use within the scope of the European harmonisation of frequency spectrum and provides information for the relevant international surveys;
  4. participates in the development of civilian and non-civilian spectrum sharing, spectrum use and spectrum reallocation plans as well as the radiocommunications and radio spectrum policy;
  5. prepares the representation of the interests of non-civilian (including NATO) frequency use during the international activities of the Hungarian communication administration; contributes to adopting and maintenance of a national position.