Authorisation required to broadcast radio programmes during the teletext service

Published: 5 July 2019

At this week’s meeting, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) declared that broadcasting any radio programme during a television programme constitutes networking; consequently, the Media Council imposed a fine on a television station in Kalocsa for broadcasting unauthorised radio programme during its teletext service. The Board completed the formal examination of the tenders submitted for three additional local radio frequencies and launched proceedings for the age rating of a feature film on TV2.

Radio-related decisions

Following the formal examination of the offers submitted for the calls for tenders for the commercial utilisation of local frequencies Baja 94.3 MHz and Paks 107.5 MHz, the NMHH Media Council called on the applicants (Alisca Network Kft. and Lajta Rádió Kft.) to remedy the deficiencies. As a result of a third formal examination, the NMHH Media Council registered the bids by Karc FM Média Kft. and FM 4 Rádió Kft. in the tender for the community use of the local frequency of Balatonfüred 96.2 MHz.

Media supervisory decisions based on official investigations and reports

On a broadcasting day in April, Kalocsa Városi Televízió, while providing teletext service, connected to the radio media service without authorisation; therefore, the NMHH Media Council imposed a fine of HUF 50,000 on the media service provider of the television station. The radio operator was unaware of the networking.

When imposing a fine, the Media Council always determines the form and extent of the fine with due consideration to all circumstances of the specific case, including all other violations in the same subject previously committed by the operator and employs the principle of progressiveness and proportionality.

Based on a citizen’s report, the NMHH Media Council launched proceedings against the operator of TV2, as it is allegedly did not broadcast the film entitled A Viszkis (The Whiskey Robber) and its trailers aired multiple times in June with the correct age-rating and in the designated time slots.

Based on another report, the Media Council examined the 18th June broadcast of Radio 1’s programme entitled Balázsék, and established that the objected programme section discussing relationship issues did not include any element or presentation method that would have justified an age-rating higher than the category “12”; therefore, no proceedings were launched.

On the basis of a report, the NMHH Media Council examined the announcement “you have the right to know what Brussels is planning to do” broadcast on a number of stations in March within the context of an official audit. Based on the preliminary assessment, the board concluded that the content of the announcement raised no suspicion of infringement, and, therefore, no administrative proceedings should be instituted.