Media Council: the national commercial radio tender continues

Published: 26 April 2018

The Media Council has decided that the national commercial radio tender may continue with the phase of substantive evaluation. The court had rejected a request for revision submitted by one of the applicants, therefore, the suspension was no longer justified. HUF 6 million of grants have been awarded for the production of a total of six new online films or new episodes under the Media Patronage Programme. The Authority will contribute HUF 1 million each to two awards at Filmtettfeszt in Transylvania. Due to deviations from the programme schedule laid down in the relevant public contract as well as inappropriate use of social advertisements, the Media Council has imposed a fine of HUF 20,000 on Tilos Rádió’s media service provider.

The national commercial radio tender enters the phase of substantive evaluation

The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) has decided to continue the national radio tender. The NMHH Office will begin preparations for evaluating the requirements of substantive validity with regards to the bid submitted by Hold Rádiós és Televíziós Reklám Kft., which was the only one to meet the requirements of formal validity. In early March, the Media Council suspended the procedure initiated in September last year, after Advenio Zrt. had requested a revision of the rejection of its bid on the grounds of formal defects. After the court had rejected the request, the suspension was no longer justified, therefore, pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations, the procedure may continue.

The latest winners of the Media Council’s János Neumann tender

The Media Council awarded grants totalling HUF 6 million to five applicants from Hungary and one from a neighbouring country in the third round of the János Neumann tender of the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme announced last year, which is specifically intended for supporting online public media content initiatives. Two Hungarian films will be shown on the online platform of Magyar Idők (Hungarian Times): Gyógyító gyógyvizeink (Our Healing Waters), which is a documentary presenting what is perhaps Hungary’s greatest natural resource and its health benefits, as well as Keresdi Bethlenek (The Bethlens from Keresd), the fifth episode of the Tiltott kastélyok (Forbidden Castles) series about the life of living members of Transylvanian noble families. Those interested will be able to watch two more short documentary series on Echo TV: Budapesti Bauhaus séták (Bauhaus Strolls Around Budapest), exploring Bauhaus buildings, and Márffy Ödön 140, presenting the art of the said painter. On Bonum TV’s online platform, viewers will find the new episodes of Hétköznapi hősök (Everyday Heroes), exploring the points of contact between professional work, family, everyday problems and Christian identity. The Erdélyi életutak (Transylvanian Lives) series presenting the life of exceptional Transylvanian intellectuals from the 70s and 80s will be available on the website.

The Media Council will provide a grant of HUF 2 million Filmtettfeszt 18

The Media Council also decided to provide two grants of HUF 1 million each to support the winners of the Sárga Csikó Award and the Filmgalopp Award at the 18th edition of Filmtettfeszt – Hungarian Film Festival in Transylvania. The Sárga Csikó Award is intended for supporting both new and experienced Transylvanian filmmakers, while Filmgalopp is the main prize of the event. The goal of the festival, organized by the Filmtett Association, is to promote the culture of Hungarian motion pictures beyond our eastern borders.

Deviations from the programme schedule and wrong classification of a social advertisement on Tilos Rádió

The evaluation of a week of broadcasting in February showed that Tilos Rádió broadcast less text, Hungarian music, public service, news and local public life programmes compared to its contractual commitments. In addition, the radio station broadcast its request for donations of 1% of personal income tax as a charity appeal instead of a social advertisement a total of 79 times. As a result, the Media Council has imposed a total fine of HUF 20,000 on the radio service provider. Tilos Rádió has been the fourth media service provider this year that has deviated from its contractual obligations, according to the official inspections, and was therefore fined by the Media Council. When imposing a fine, the Media Council always determines the form and extent of the penalties with due consideration to all the circumstances of the specific case and employing the principle of progressiveness and proportionality.