The NMHH Media Council has announced this year’s Huszárik tender for the production of short films

Published: 31 March 2018

The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) has decided on announcing the Huszárik Zoltán tender providing grants for the production of short and experimental films, while providing HUF one-and-a-half million for three awardees of the Friss Hús festival. Twenty-two community media service providers submitted successful tenders for grants totaling HUF 112.6 million for financing overhead and operational costs in the patronage program. The Media Council announced Hegyalja Média Kft., the sole bidder, as the winner of the tender announced for the use of the Tokaj 101.8 MHz frequency and finalized the call for tender for the Veszprém 95.1 MHz frequency.

Short film tender and overhead costs grants for community service providers

The Media Council published a call for tender on non-repayable grants for the production of short films and experimental films. The Media Council has allocated a total of HUF 150 million within the Hungarian Media Patronage Program for its Huszárik Miklós tendering procedure in two rounds. A single entrant may submit a total of two synopses per round—the deadline for the first round is 12 noon on 26 April. Just as in previous years, submissions are also accepted from cross-border entrants.

As part of the Hungarian Media Patronage Program, twenty-two radio and television stations received grants totaling HUF 112.6 million. This is the second round of this year’s tender for financing the operational and overhead costs of community and small community media service providers. For years, the Media Council has been supporting community media service providers through its tenders.

Successful applications for the support of community television stations were submitted by Zugló Televízió and City TV of Budapest, TV Budakalász, RTV Szekszárd, Füred TV, Nagykállói Televízió, TV Szentendre, Kék-Kálló TV Derecske, Móra-Net TV of Mórahalom, Magtelevízió of Újhartyán and Danubia Televízió of Tahitótfalu. Grants were also provided to eleven community radio stations: Győr Plusz Rádió, Rádió Szarvas, Első Pesti Egyetemi Rádió, Rádió Szentendre, Berettyó Rádió, Radio Monster of Szentgotthárd, Klasszik Rádió 92.1 and Civil Rádió of Budapest, Mustár Rádió of Nyíregyháza, Credo Rádió of Szombathely and Rádió Smile of Kiskunfélegyháza.

HUF one-and-a-half million for the Friss Hús festival

The Friss Hús Budapest International Short Film Festival hosted by is entering its sixth year. The Media Council is providing HUF 500 thousand each for the winners of the best Hungarian live action experimental and short film, the best Hungarian animated short film and the best filmmaker under 30 years of age categories. The official selection of the event hosted from 3 to 8 April will feature a number of films produced with grants from the Media Council, including Kristóf Deák’s new short film A legjobb játék (Best Game Ever), Grosan Cristina’s film Átalakítás folyamatban (Work in Progress) and Cibulya Nikol’s film entitled Irinyi.

Media supervisory rulings: failure to display age rating markings and surreptitious advertising

According to an investigation of a given day in January, TISZApART MÉDIA Kft. failed to designate its age rating markings in its online program guide on Considering the fact that the service provider already committed such infringements in the past, the Council imposed a fine of HUF 25 thousand on the business. The media service provider of Forrás Rádió received a warning from the Media Council—without a fine—for surreptitious advertising in a sponsorship message. When imposing a fine, the Media Council always determines the form and extent of the penalties with due consideration to all the circumstances of the specific case and employing the principle of progressiveness and proportionality.

Inspections of data collection for the performance of program quota obligations

The board has concluded its regulatory procedures on the inspection of the data provision obligations of media service providers between the period of June and December 2017. Pursuant to law, a specified range of media service providers are obliged to provide data to the Media Council on the ratio of European and Hungarian works aired. Even in cases where the Authority discovered discrepancies, the majority of media service providers fulfilled their data provision obligations during the time of the inspection – albeit with delay. As far as the media service providers who failed to fulfill their obligations in time are concerned, pursuant to the law, the Media Council issued a warning to a single service provider, whilst the amount of fines ranged from around HUF ten thousand to several hundred thousand.

Radio-related decisions

The Media Council announced Hegyalja Média Kft., the sole bidder, as the winner of the tender announced for the Tokaj 101.8 MHz local frequency. The community media service will be broadcasting under the name of Szent István Rádió – Tokaj.

The board has finalized the call for tender for the opportunity to provide local, community radio media services for the Veszprém 95.1 MHz frequency, which is can be accessed through the Media Council’s website. Tenders can be submitted until 2 May.