Cinematography and Animation – Media Patronage Films Among the Best

Published: 26 June 2017

Films sponsored by the Media Council excelled at two award ceremonies over the weekend. Prizes were awarded on Friday, 23 June at the Aranyszem Cinematography Competition (ARRIszem), and on Sunday, 25 June at the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival. Réka Bucsi’s LOVE won two prizes at KAFF, Hunor was selected as the best tv series and Balkon (Balcony) won the Hungarian Film Critics Award at the animation festival. Awarded cinematographers included Zoltán Dévényi for Szürke Senkik (Grey Nobodies), Zoltán Pataki for the circus film, and Zsolt Sásdi for the best nonfiction film.

An army of Media Patronage films went to battle at KAFF and they did not return empty-handed. The festival nominees included 42 films sponsored by the Media Council via the Gyula Macskássy and Attila Dargay tenders. These nominees measured up to expectations and won seven prizes:


NMHH’s Media Council also offered prizes to the festival, so the best short film’s (LOVE) and the best TV show’s (Hunor) creators received HUF 1.5 million each thanks to the association.

Other Media Patronage nominees at KAFF:

Aranyszem Cinematographer Competition (ARRIszem)

This year NMHH’s Media Council also sponsored the competition of Hungarian cinematographers with a total of HUF 2 million awarded in 5 categories (documentaries, featurettes, nature films, television films and nonfiction films). 16 nominees and 3 winners in the competition were sponsored by the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme:


It was also announced at the award ceremony that HSC nominated two Hungarian films in the box office category of the IMAGO cinematographer competition (competition of the European society of cinematographers). Presented at a number of festivals, winner of the Hungarian Film Award and sponsored by the Media Council, Félvilág (Demimonde) was the cinematographic work of András Nagy. The other nominee is A martfűi rém (Strangled) by Gábor Szabó.

Other Patronage Programme nominees at ARRIszem:

  1. Én és a hegedűm (Me and My Violin) (cinematographer: Róbert Árpád Lakatos, director: Lóránd Boros)
  2. A lehetetlen határán (The Edge of Impossible) (cinematographer: Gergely Vass, director: Tamás Yvan Topolánszky)
  3. A virtuóz (The Virtuoso) (cinematographer: János Vecsernyés HSC, director: Attila Kékesi)
  4. A Lipicai (The Lipizzaner) (cinematographer: András Pintér, director: András Pintér)
  5. A Kárpátok bércei (The Waves of the Carpathians) (cinematographer: Dávid Schödl, director: Zoltán Moys)
  6. Ebéd előtt (Before Lunch) (cinematographer: Albert Czomba, director: Simon Szabó)
  7. A Levelek (The Letters) (cinematographer: Zoltán Dévényi, director: Teréz Irén Koncz)
  8. Grand Prix (cinematographer: Gábor Garai, director: Bálint Dániel Sós)
  9. Kockaember (Cubeman) (cinematographer: Dávid Hartung, director: Linda Dombrovszky)
  10. Van egy határ (Operation Stone) (cinematographer: Gábor Marosi, director: Barnabás Tóth)
  11. Répa (The Carrot) (cinematographer: György Réder HSC, director: Balázs Lengyel)
  12. Indián (Native American) (cinematographer: Balázs Révész, director: Balázs Simonyi)
  13. Wellness (cinematographer: Gábor Tausz, director: Virág Szabó)

We congratulate the nominees and the award winners of these festivals and wish similar successful achievements in their future professional endeavours.