Hungarian-Language Media Beyond the Borders 2016

Published: 8 December 2017

The Institute for Media Studies has published Hungarian-Language Media Beyond the Borders 2016, which comes as Volume 29 in the Media Science Library series and presents the Hungarian-language media beyond our borders.

Published in 2012, the first volume of our media science series surveyed the Hungarian-language media beyond our borders at the time. Carried out mostly during 2010 (with some areas completed only in 2011), the survey looked at the situation of Hungarian media beyond Hungary’s borders, in the four largest Hungarian communities abroad (Transylvania, Upper Hungary, Vojvodina and Transcarpathia). In this latest survey we have also included the other regions with a functioning Hungarian press, namely the media worlds of Hungarians in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.

The survey methodology was once again standardized throughout all the regions: the lead researchers compiled lists of the Hungarian-language media registered/operating in the region, the media were contacted using questionnaires, which were then filled in, and the results were summarized in the survey report. Interviews were taken electronically, by interviewers, at professional consultations or as a combination of all the above, as best suited to the circumstances in the particular region. The survey reports served as input for the final essays constituting this volume.

Given certain objective characteristics of its subject matter, our overview was bound to remain incomplete, and the highly divergent conditions of the different regions have made it impossible to apply a thoroughly uniform editorial strategy. Nevertheless, we hope we have managed to offer a snapshot of each of these regions, providing useful information and, last but not least, identifying the difficulties and gaps.