The practice of safe internet use on the Children’s Day event in Városliget

Place of event: Budapest, Városliget
1146 Budapest, Kós Károly stny.
Date of event: 26–27 May 2018

At the NMHH booth, Internet Hotline was introduced to the visiting families; both children and parents have been guided in diverse forms on the practice of safe internet use.

NMHH's staff has prepared Internet Hotline colouring pages for the little ones and mobile device games for the older ones. In order to make children aware of the reporting categories of Internet Hotline, the content of the reporting page has been presented by easily understandable conventional design. Four out of the nine reporting categories have been given special attention, such as content made accessible without permission, online harassment, violent content, data phishing sites and content infected with viruses, spyware or worms.