Presentation: Managing infringing internet content from the aspect of Internet Hotline

Place of event: Pázmány Péter Katolikus Egyetem, Jog- és Államtudományi Kar
1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 28-30.
Date of event: 16 February 2017

Faculty of Law and Political Science, Pázmány Péter Catholic University
1088 Budapest, Szentkirályi u. 28–30.
16 February 2017

3 – 4:30 p.m.

One of the staff members of the Digital Literacy Development Unit delivered a lecture entitled ‘Managing infringing internet content from the aspect of Internet Hotline’ (Jogsértő netes tartalmak kezelése az Internet Hotline nézőpontjából) to the public administration major students of Pázmány Péter Catholic University.

The presentation provided an overview of the activities of Internet Hotline, including the categories in which reports are received by the legal advisory service, the actual meaning of the specific categories and the report workflow. Students attended the lecture as part of the applied legal information science course.