The responsibilities and the activities of the Institute for Media Studies

Last updated: 24 March 2020

The Institute for Media Studies is an independent research workshop, which assists the Media Council and the National Media and Infocommunications Authority in their work, produces media analyses and conducts legal and social sciences research related to the media.

By analyzing the most significant professional and scholarly issues of the media in Hungary, the Institute for Media Studies aims to help foster press freedom and freedom of expression as widely as possible and facilitate equal-opportunity access to cultural goods in Hungary.

In addition to its research role, the Institute issues professional publications, organizes conferences and workshops, operates a specialist library and fulfills other duties on the Media Council’s request.

Our staff:

Károly Szadai
Member of the Media Council

Levente Nyakas
Head of the Institute

István Apró

Linda Kelemen

Zsuzsanna Éva Monori

Vince Paál

János Tamás Papp

Veronika Szeghalmi

Árpád Varga