Media Research in the Carpathian Basin

The research aims to examine the media outlets and media consumption of the four regions of the Carpathian Basin where large Hungarian communities are living outside the mother country (Transylvania, Upper Hungary, Lower Hungary, Sub-Carpathian region).

The first phase of the research which surveyed the media outlets providing services in Hungarian in four ethnic regions abroad was closed by the Institute of Applied Communication Sciences in 2010. As a result, a media register and database were created regarding these cross-border regions which provide information about the operational conditions of the media outlets of these regions.

In the second phase of the research the Institute, through an empirical research using a representative sample, examines the media consumption of ethnic Hungarians living abroad, as well as the impact of this media consumption on the identity of the affected communities, and also the media usage and media consumption habits of these communities. This phase of the research is performed by the Institute together with the Office of the Parliament.