When and how should we be contacted?

Published: 19 September 2017

We accept reports in nine categories on this website and by email (internethotline@internethotline.hu), even anonymously. If the content included in the report is found to be illegal, the service provider publishing or hosting it is called on to render it inaccessible. We ask service providers to display a warning before content harmful to minors is shown.

We accept reports in the following categories:

  • content made accessible without permission;
  • paedophile content;
  • harassment;
  • racist or xenophobic content;
  • content portraying violence;
  • content promoting drug use;
  • content inciting acts of terrorism, promoting or contributing to terrorism;
  • data phishing sites, content infected with viruses, spyware or worms;
  • other content harmful to minors.

Reports can be made through the interface on our website or by email sent to internethotline@internethotline.hu. When making reports, the person making the report should aim to share as much useful information as possible with the hotline to facilitate smoother administration.

We can also be contacted anonymously, i.e. without providing a name or contact details, but the person making the report may also leave his/her name if he/she wants to receive feedback and be notified of the outcome of his/her report.