Where we do not have competence

Published: 19 September 2017

There are cases of online infringement where we do not have competence; however, we always inform the persons making reports about where they can get assistance. The content of registered online news outlets and unsolicited electronic advertisements are outside our competence, just as there are other forums for copyright and consumer protection matters.

Media content

We are not competent in assessing the content of registered online media products, i.e. news portals, online magazines or websites of media enterprises. This also applies to retrievable content, for example streaming and retrievable TV shows. Illegal online media content is examined by the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority on the basis of reports. For further information and the report form, please visit http://nmhh.hu/tart/report/29/Sajtotermekek.


Unsolicited electronic mail (spam) does not fall within the scope of activities of the Hotline and a separate report form is available at the National Media and Infocommunications Authority at https://e-nmhh.nmhh.hu/e-nhh/4/urlapok/esf00101/.

Copyright-related issues

The Internet Hotline does not consider submissions related to copyright infringement; however, it informs the person making the report about the possible legal steps.

Consumer protection issues

We advise persons who make reports relating to consumer protection issues outside our scope of activities to contact the competent district office. On 31 December 2016, the National Consumer Protection Office ceased with legal succession and, at the same time, responsibilities of a first-instance consumer protection authority were created in 197 districts, enabling consumers to primarily apply to the competent district authority as of 1 January 2017. Contact: http://jarasinfo.gov.hu/.