Motion Pictures Qualifying as Art Films

As of 1 January 2017, the operation of the Art Committee, which is in charge of art classification of films and has hitherto been reporting to the Ministry responsible for culture, has been assigned to the NMHH. Upon individual request – and based on the recommendation of the Art Committee –, the ‘Art’ classification may be granted by the NMHH to all films slated for distribution whose artistic values contribute to the advancement of Hungarian, European and universal audio-visual culture, or which the Committee finds significant or of high artistic quality, whether from an educational or cultural standpoint.

Also upon request, the classification may also be granted to productions that have been awarded at least at one of the internationally recognised festivals listed annually by the NMHH. An ‘Art’ classification entitles the respective producers and distributors to seek additional subsidisation from the competent Ministry.

The NMHH is also in tasked with the ‘Art’ classification of eligible cinemas. Once a theatre is recognised as an ‘Art’ venue, its operators become eligible for state funding from the competent Ministry in order to cover, among others, their expenses incurred in the renting and transportation of film copies, to pay for guest artists, marketing and website development, as well as a part of copyright and overhead costs.