Motion Picture Registries

The NMHH is also tasked with maintaining records and statistics on state funding and key participants of the film industry. The Hungarian State provides various incentives for motion picture production in Hungary. One such incentive is that investors can claim a tax refund of 25% on the cost of films shot in Hungary.

This option is available for the production of Hungarian, foreign and co-produced films shot in the territory Hungary. Eligibility is subject to strict registration and reimbursement requirements, with unpaid public dues considered as grounds for rejection. The National Film Office of the NMHH maintains records on motion pictures eligible for the tax rebate as well as on Hungarian production companies, assesses and approves production spending within Hungary and issues funding and investment certificates that entitle their holders to tax rebates, also maintaining statistics on cinema viewership.

Additionally, the NMHH also maintains an up-to-date database on institutions, actors and productions of the film industry, thus facilitating the efficient operation and administration of the sector. Records and motion picture statistics are available at: