Hungarian Media Patronage Programme

Since 2011, the Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority has been running the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme, which provides funding for independent, Hungarian non-feature films, well as for covering the operating costs of local and regional television channels and radio stations. This patronage programme helps smaller providers to maintain a diverse programme offering and enables them to operate media services nationwide under predictable conditions and in modern circumstances.

Over the past six years, the Media Council has spent HUF 16.2 billion on the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme, thus contributed to the making of 908 films and other works – including 33 television plays, 75 screenplays, 79 short films, 42 radio plays, 252 documentaries, 174 popular science films, 109 animated films, and 25 animated series – with an approximate funding of HUF 8.8 billion.

All productions created within the Patronage Programme are allocated airtime on television, but each year more and more funded projects get released in cinemas as well, even making it into the competition programmes of renowned international film festivals such as the illustrious events of Cannes, Berlin, Montreal and Hiroshima. The productions so far completed and presented have won over 100 awards at nearly 270 local and international festivals. And the online productions created for the John Neumann competition are being made available for at least a year on openly accessible websites.

Each year, the Media Council issues an impressive bilingual overview of the productions funded through the Hungarian Media Patronage Programme. Also available online, the 2016 edition contains brief information and key production figures on the over 700 films funded over the first five years of the Programme’s existence: