How are age rating signs put on motion pictures and on television screens?

To ensure the protection of minors, all motion pictures distributed in Hungary must be age-rated before their release. Rather than a prohibitive arrangement, Hungarian age ratings merely act as recommendations aimed primarily at parents and families, and teachers.

Age ratings are determined by the Age Rating Committee of the NMHH’s National Film Office. The Age Rating Committee is an advisory panel of experts, whose recommendation serves as the basis for the NMHH’s rating decisions. Following this decision, the NMHH proceeds ex officio and, without separate request, enters the motion picture at hand into the registry of films slated for theatrical release and art productions, the age rating database of which is open to the general public.

Once a production has been age-rated, the distributor has a statutory obligation to feature the rating category and pertaining registry number on all media and promotion vehicle. Guidelines are provided in the NMHH’s identity manual, and pictograms can be downloaded in various formats.

As of 1 January 2012, age ratings can be assigned not only to motion pictures but also to their theatrical trailers. The rating of trailers, however, is entirely optional, which allows for the commencement of promotion activities and provides audiences with additional information.

This is different from the age rating of television programmes – which also include television drama and other feature films –, as this is done by the media service providers themselves, in line with the provisions of the Media Act. The NMHH facilitates the classification process with a recommendation, and allows for the advance rating of a given programme into whatever category is deemed appropriate by the channel at hand. In addition, it continuously monitors whether the programmes being broadcast comply with the classification requirements. For more information on the age rating of television programmes and on the definition of different categories, refer to the Content tab under our Television site.